Pretzel Necklaces

Pretzel-Laces Rock!

Pretzel Necklaces? Really?

The first time we encounter pretzel necklaces most of us have a similar reaction: What in the heck are those? The mere notion of stringing food around your neck seems strange, perhaps even a bit uncivilized. But the more you think about, the more you realize that the pretzel necklace is a creation of pure genius.

What is a Pretzel Necklace?

For those who still don’t know what we’re talking about, these are necklaces made by stringing pretzels. Crafters use regular string, plastic string, shoelaces and a wide range of other materials. Generally, people string bite-sized pretzels, but people have also gotten creative in that regard too — more on that in a bit.

So what’s the idea? Well, the concept is pretty simple really: With pretzels hanging from your neck, you have access to the ultimate handy snacking supply. Feeling hungry? Snatch a pretzel off your pretzel necklace and chow down. These snack items are just perfect for beer festivals and the like, and rumor has it that this phenomenon started at various Oktoberfest celebrations in the United States.

Pretzel Necklaces as Art & Culture

These necklaces are a lot more than just a snack item now. An entire subculture has formed around the enjoyment of them. Have you ever been somewhere wearing your favorite football jersey and gotten a knowing nod from a fellow fan? Fans of pretzel necklaces are showing up with them at concerts, carnivals and even flea markets. It is a way to connect with other likeminded individuals.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this culture is the art or, more specifically, the individual expression. Most people aren’t satisfied showing up to an event with several dozen mini pretzels strung to their neck. At each event these works of art becoming bigger, more elaborate, and certainly more creative. Many people have started baking their own soft pretzels directly on the string!

Classic Pretzel Necklace Events

Pretzel necklaces are shoelace necklaces adorned with pretzels and other snacking items. Once in the sole domain of Oktoberfest and similar festivals, these necklaces have developed their own subculture. They are works of art and individual expression, and with that in mind, we examine six events where you might one to consider wearing you own pretzel necklace.

If you're the proprietor of a beer festival consider purchasing pretzel necklaces in bulk to sell or distribute to attendees. Folks love them!

The beer festival is the one place you’re sure to find acceptance wearing your pretzel necklace. The necklaces are incredibly practical too, especially in setups where you’re walking from station to station. The culture also now extends to other food and alcohol-centric events. Of course, if you go to a wine-tasting event, you might be the only person wearing one!

Depending on the formalness, parties are also an excellent time for pretzel necklaces because parties are all about mingling. Simply take your beer and your necklace with you, and then mingle until it’s time to restock. The necklaces are also a great option as party favors. Both kids and adults love them!

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95% of people like pretzels; 57% like sex. We have pretzels.

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"For the Love of Convenience Foods"

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And on the 8,643,983,349th day, the Lord said, "Let there be pretzel necklaces."

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Most family reunions up the mingle factor by a lot. So the necklaces let you walk around and mingle to your heart’s content without having to carry around a plate full of snacks. Reunions can also be a little awkward in big families, and pretzel necklaces can serves as a fabulous icebreaker.

The best thing about carnivals and fairs is the way they blend fun activities with fun dining. The problem with that is that you often have to do a lot of stop and starts. With the necklace, you don’t have to do as much stopping, and you can even buy items along the way to add to your necklace.

The biggest problem with Halloween is all that junk food. This is becoming an increasing problem as our society becomes more health focused. So pretzel necklaces are a fun and healthy alternative, and the kids really enjoy them. But stick to individually wrapped items when handing them out to strangers.

Buying snacks at sporting events can be a major hassle. Either you have to miss part of the game, or you have to go fight the crowds during intermissions. With the necklace, you can bring in your own items, or you only have stand in line once. Buy a few pretzels, string them, and still have your hands free for beer and cheering.

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